The World on Your Wrist: Jacob & Co.'s Magnificent Five-Time Zone Watch

Take a closer look at how the five-time zone replica watches for sale became watchmaker Jacob Arabo's personal legacy, and its evolution from its colorful Kandinsky-esque origins to its new all-black incarnation.

Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and your current home time... although it is physically impossible to travel to five places at the same time - unlike a certain Hermione Garrison in the Harry Potter series Ranger, she'll turn on her magic time-turner to take multiple classes at once, but the Jacob & Co. Palace Five Time Zone Watches at least let you live out that fantasy with subdials showing the time in four global cities. The brand's latest addition to this historic collection is an awesome all-black model with PVD coating, which shows just how far the brand has come since launching its first five-time zone watch progressive, its dial a pleasing patchwork of geometric shapes in Kandinsky-esque colours, while subsequent models further exaggerate with sparkling diamond-studded bezels.

The dial of the first five-time zone replica luxury watches was a pleasing geometric patchwork of Kandinsky-esque colours, and subsequent models even featured sparkling diamond-set bezels.

Record-breaking entry: Five time zone watches
Jeweler-turned-watchmaker Jason Arabo was fascinated by America's prevalent hip-hop and jewelry culture, enrolled in jewelry-making classes, and at age 21 started his own label, Jacob & Co. He opened a shop in the New York diamond shop district and created his own version of "bling" - not the typical gold jewelry that rappers would "dig for", but dazzling necklaces and rings with large colored diamonds . Hip-hop artists, music moguls, and celebrities with flamboyant tastes immediately embraced them. (Indeed, the word "bling" was included in the 2003 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary after a plethora of rap songs honoring him and his "bling jewels," and Arabo is believed to be credited with "bling" "The hero who included the word.)

In 2002, "Jacob the Jeweler" (Jacob the Jeweler) received a two-time zone watch from his father at the age of 13, a fond memory that crystallized into the Palatial timepiece collection. The bold hues on the dial are so popular that rappers spend money on Jacob & Co. watches to celebrate career milestones such as signing with a record label or releasing a Best selling album. A recent example was Rihanna showing off a blood red Jacob & Co. Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights watch during her iconic Super Bowl performance. Sales were further boosted by a bikini photoshoot with supermodel Naomi Campbell, which led to rapper Busta Rhymes, Diddy Combs ( Sean 'Diddy' Combs), Pharrell Williams and even Irish singer-songwriter Bono all made a beeline for the model.high quality cheap watches

In 2007, Arabo established Jacob & Co. SA in Geneva, officially entering the Swiss watchmaking industry. His unprecedented watchmaking prowess continues to surprise fans and customers, such as the Quenttin watch with its groundbreaking 31-day power reserve and straight tourbillon, and the 24-city rotating aperture, Epic SF24, launched in 2013.

Iconic Design Features
Dual or multi-time zone watches often have a rotating bezel for the 24-hour scale, or involve some portion of the bezel, such as the revolutionary Epic SF24 Grade 5 titanium model, which uses a clamshell mechanism to display a second time zone, including the global Time zone library for 24 cities.

Characteristic quartz movement black PVD replica watches Price with a dial size of 45 mm, powered by caliber 280.002, which promises a water resistance of 50 m, in a stainless steel and black PVD case.

All Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone watches feature four prominent or frameless subdials on the four quarters of the dial to tell the time in each global city, namely Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Each sub-dial has its own operating fluted crown, set in four satin-finished lugs, plus a larger-sized crown at the usual three o'clock position for adjusting the current on the main dial local time. The wearer can adjust the time to any time zone, even a time zone other than the displayed city name.

This signature quartz movement watch has a 45 mm dial, is powered by Caliber 280.002, is water resistant to 50 m, and has a stainless steel and black PVD case.

Other versions of the five-time zone watch showcase diamond-encrusted continent-shaped sub-dials that either feature a hunting theme or, in the pirate version, a bold jagged serif font. All models are available in case sizes of 40mm, 47mm or larger (up to 57mm) with alligator leather straps or metal bracelets.

Hey Marty!
The Pirate Jacob & Co. line exudes a sleek "gangsta" vibe, and the skull has always been a symbol of danger and now a mascot for ghetto-born, big-money rap losers.replica Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA SKY

The collection offers a wide range of coloured, engraved and lacquered dials, with each model featuring subtle variations in tone, placement of brilliant-cut diamonds on skulls and bones, lettering of city names or bezels. Some versions feature a hypnotic guilloché pattern on the nickel dial. The skeletonized Dauphine hands on the dial are further accentuated by a muscular bone pattern. All five crowns were engraved with emblems, strangely resembling a full-masted ship.

Jacob & Co. Regal Classics
If four dials is too much business, one can opt for slimmer models that are basically dress watches leaning towards a minimalist Art Deco style. A sign of the brand's emphasis on customer choice is the choice of automatic or hand-wound Palatial Classic watches.

The self-winding caliber JCCA01 is powered by a version of the classic Palazzo Automatic, promising a 36-hour power reserve, with a unique 'Glucydur' balance disc to deal with thermal shrinkage, and an anti-shock mechanism. Palatial Classic manual large date or manual winding movement watch, equipped with JCCM01 movement, power reserve of 50 hours, display at 6 o'clock, double date aperture at 12 o'clock. Both versions feature a 42mm stainless steel case with a guilloché dial protected by a solid sapphire crystal. replica Richard Mille Felipe Massa