No, instead she was Animal Crossing Bells smiling while attacking him and was an arrogant piece of shit. If you would like to discuss the nuance of a circumstance, then you've got not be dumb. The nuance isn't a shield you can just slip under the door once you have acted like a total bully.

Also, what cultural significance do hair buns, which are common across the planet have in this regard? I'm actually reminded of this Chinese dress dilemma, in which twitter bullied a white girl wearing it, to get precisely the same"you do not know the cultural meaning" reason, before the actual Chinese country account on twitter(iirc) told her that it is completely nice and she looks great.

I'll begin with your final point which is to say I believe the article was especially referring to an afro bun. Hence the afro part is what's being appropriated.

For the other point, I'm not defending her actions, I am explaining why she may be angry. Or maybe she doesn't know her own anger well enough to voice it so she lashes out in anger. Or maybe she's only a terrible person employing this talking point as a opportunity to go off on someone. I can not say for sure all I'm trying to convey is that posts like this get passed about as an attempt to reveal liberal hypocrisy or to demonstrate how"All these SJWs are all terrible people!!" . My point is she doesn't represent the core beliefs these people hold, just that she's lashing out in anger.

However, this is not taking things out of context. This is a way to tie your own hair, in order to keep it from your face. If a white person ties their own hair in this fashion, they did it for the same purpose a black person did, so it is not misrepresenting the culture, so that shouldn't be cultural appropriation. Unless you suggest black people shouldn't be allowed to wear certain sorts of hair braids because they come from Europe? I think that as long as it's not a cultural/religious ceremony hairstyle or something, anybody should be able to wear it, as it is just cheap Animal Crossing Items another method of keeping hair out of your face.