Capitalism isn't a fault, and I doubt anyone would argue that. The bad news is that the squeal could be used to earn skill points OSRS Fire Cape. Jagex is close to bankruptcy, so I'll answer each of your questions. I'm sure that no one would be opposed to purchasing spins, if players could basically buy skill lamps.. It's like playing the game with a cheater. This is what pissed off most people.

The Squeal is a pathetic value for money... This is an excellent argument. Jagex must reduce the cost of the Squeal so that RWT is not as difficult to find elsewhere. Only 1 percent of players effectively fund gains in xp. My character has increased many levels through exp earned through the squeal when I've never bought a spin.

Yelp is now replaced by the sad troll... I didn't realize the change until recently. The next time I play the game or complete an adventure, I'll notice. If Jagex cease to make money, the game will start to decline... Keep the sound of a squeal. Make lamps more desirable prizes. They can also be traded! Two of the fish masks were my winnings at the squeal. I'm thrilled to see them rise in price on the GE (they are currently at 3 mil apiece).

You're finding nearly every update (other than WoFibc ones!) aimed at your players group engaging and enjoyable... Yes! Jagex is doing many things right. The motivation for the squeal is due to people complaining about "the grind Buy RS Gold". Therefore, Jagex answered that complaint by implementing a mechanism (the squeal) that lets people accelerate the levels of their choice (giving the opportunity to win the skill lamp as a typical prize).