If you manage to defeat the spirit, you'll be awarded with Elden Ring Runes a Gold Seed and some loot including a Stonesword Key, Throwing Dagger x8, and Smoldering Butterfly 3. Continue up the path to discover a huge skull and one more item:"The prince of death's pustule. There is a ladder that can take people back towards the dining hall space. After that, you are now officially boss time. Transfer into The Secluded Cell Site of Grace and get yourself prepared.

Godrick the Boss with the Grafted Fight.Godrick who is known as the Grafted was the first of the Main Bosses to be fought in Elden Ring. He's distinct by his bizarre body that is comprised of his servants' legs that he has grafted onto his own damaged body. Like his Grafted Scion, many of Godrick's attack are multi-part or multi-hit. Godrick also has unpredictable movements that could catch you off guard. In half health, Godrick can place a dragon's face on his arm . This opens many new abilities and modifies other ones with fire damage make sure to be vigilant if the shield is not equipped with a good protection against fire.

Fortunately, both Godrick's attacks are highly telegraphed, highly punishable, and generally slow to move, which leads to a fairly easy fight once you've learned the patterns. In addition, you can summon Nepheli in front of the boss's gate if require some help (or an excuse to get away). Below is our general guideline for bosses for besting Godrick:

In general you can stick relatively close to Godrick should you be a melee attacker. Axe sweeps from Godrick appear to have the most hitbox at the very end, therefore if you can dodge the roll and avoid Godrick then you'll avoid them and end up in a great position to elden ring weapons for sale target. Keep in mind that many of them are combo attacks, so be sure to keep your stamina under control and wait until the final attack if you plan to defend against. If you're still not sure you could stay out of the range and wait for one of his slow overhead slam attacks that are easy to punish.