After Inarius and Lilith had secretly created Sanctuary to the Nephalem - the offspring of both angel and man, the council of Archangels came together to decide the world's fate. It was Tyrael who took the vote that decided the fate of humanity, and as such, he'd be held responsible for that decision by all of the Angiris Council, leading to him becoming mortal prior to happenings in Diablo 4 all for the humanity's sake. His role in the new game is still unclear However, there are possible ways that this key character could be involved in the future of the series.

Diablo 3 goes deep into Tyrael's story as he evolves into the Fallen Star by tearing off his wings and crashing to Sanctuary where the descendants of the Nephalem live. In joining with one of the powerful descendant, Tyrael defeats the primary evils and takes his control over his Black Soulstone. When the Archangel of Death, Maltheal, went after the stone, and then was able to turn on his followers It was Tyrael who sent his companion to Pandemonium to end the cycle of death.

Tyrael opts to stay in his mortal form but reconnects with his angelic friends to become both his Aspect Justice and of Wisdom. Diablo 3 ends with him looking to see if his new mortal companion, who could be corrupted, could be the new challenge towards Heaven, Hell, and Sanctuary, or even the very existence of life itself. There's a reason that Aspect of Justice and Wisdom is likely to not sit idle while Inarius marches an army upon Hell in search of his first love, Lilith.

The most recent Diablo 4 cinematic trailer from Blizzard showcases Inarius in a battle against Lilith and armies on both of their backs. Although this trailer does not show Tyrael's direct involvement, his development of Horadrim as well as his influence on the various Paladins of Sanctuary implies that he's definitely at work. Light and dark clash at the front, and now-mortal Tyrael is a middleman.

It is likely his presence will be detected through these intermediaries, unless circumstances cause him to act. Tyrael is still feeling the repercussions of destroying his Worldstone at the end of Diablo 2. This mystical object protected Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell and currently serves as a protector over the land in its stead. Tyrael is unlikely to lead any further expeditions into Hell or even go further that The Pandemonium Fortress, where he could offer advice as Deckard Cain to those who choose to listen.

Five different Diablo classes that can be played have been revealed so far They all are variations on the options offered in previous games. With each of the games that has been released so far has provided something different Perhaps Tyrael will be an element of the fight, balancing the sides by offering players the ability to be transformed into angels or demonic powers , in exchange for responsibilities to Sanctuary. This kind of system could be a natural progression from the multi-tree development that was made public for the series.
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