For some reason, after I have exported my roster and team data in the Madden 21 coins app to the madden exporter website, and download the csv files, when I go to upgrade the players and teams source in the spreadsheet, the capacity to pick my group in the My Team tab has vanished. It worked flawlessly the first time I used it! A season later and for some reason, once I went to update my menu using the newest roster info and team information, that drop down menu to select my team has vanished. I have ensured that I am linking the origin to the right CSV file, I've redownloaded the Franchise Management spreadsheet and tried that too, but nothing works to fix that issue. Every one of the players have loaded successfully along with the staff documents are all updated and right as well. Any thoughts? I believe it might be an issue with my data export to madden exporter but not sure!

Could you email me your teams and players csv files? I am interested to see. Update: I just realized the teams field goes off after the first season. This was fixed with the latest excel file. Please re-download if you're having this issue. I don't have any idea what I am looking at but I could tell it took a lot of time so fantastic job OP. Is anybody else having difficulty exporting from the companion program? I get"export failed" every time since the"network connection was lost." I have tried it with data and Wi-Fi and it hasn't worked. Hey! Madden only reveals the present year.

Feels just like a direct response to 2K. Madden: goes"sim" football video game license. Also madden: does not touch franchise and can this instead. They are probably trying to get before 2K a little to retain some players. Reminds me of WWE. They're bleeding enthusiasts cause they do not hear them. Now they're throwing anything at the wall for them back except what they have been needing. I am sorry but how does WWE not hear lovers. Continued to push Roman even though fan backlash, refused to provide any attention to Daniel Bryan until the crowd straight hijack shows with chants. The time they came out and advised fans to quit watching if they dont like it. Their ratings are in sharp decline since.Been joining a few sports radio personalities #fixmaddenfranchise. It is wise to do the same. Perhaps they will discuss it. Who knows. I hope to see them proceed with this! And I have not purchased it in two decades. I dont play much online games, and so franchise mode in Madden and NBA are my go to. I hope to see some changes with this particular game mode. I expect they are taking this seriously. They just spent 1.5 Billion about the NFL license so that it would be crazy to lose a whole fan base then for franchise mode neglect. No it wouldn't, their MUT fanbase is the thing that provides them with all the money, so those folks are the ones EA cater to. That's what they have increasingly done for the last decade or so and they've completely gotten away with it.

I agree with you, but that's probably 20% of their customers making up 80% of the gain. They'll start to lose the not MUT players if they don't at least do anything at this point. Why do I have 3 faces and 100 pairs of shoes? Fixing franchise is just the start. This game has been on roster upgrade mode for 6years. The lack of depth they revealed when they spoke about that the career mode isn't something I want in my franchise experience. They act like this is actually the first time they heard there were problems to franchise. Its been awful for many years and people have said it for ages. They've just ignored it and do the whole surprise Pikachu face when they get backlash after individuals have finally spoken up even louder.

BOYCOTT M21. Come check out a buy Madden nfl 21 coins MODIFIED XBOX SIM FRANCHISE and also make EA make your money! Starts today. This is the biggest bullshit response ever!