Always replant trees after checking health adn cutting . So begin in lumbridge... Tele or choose cannoe into varrock. Use gnome treee to go to RS gold stronghold do the two trees . Use spirit tree to tree gnome, speak to gnome to head from maze to spot. Tele into lletya and assess tree. Tele to cammy adn run to catherby, check tree. Charter into brimhaven, assess tree. Tele to fally test tree then run into brimhaven. Do that every day and you also'l lbe done in a fortnight.

I am very close to Quest Cape. I've 5 Quests left, and have 271 Quest Points. I still have some leveling to do until I can do the rest of the quests and WGS. My question is this though... Just how many stat boosters Can I use? So... Out of all those abilities are there some stat boosters that work? I have seen Sal's"Stat Boosters" Guide, and I am aware that there are boosters, I'm wondering if they work for the OSRS buy gold pursuit. Its largely for Herblore, and Crafting. Perhaps I can utilize Stews with pliers, have some of those worked for anybody?