Robinson did it on a 1-15 team. That is more impressive for Madden 21 coins me personally. Henry will probably get OPOY, so it will likely be Cook but he could function as 95 specialist.

I never said he is not good, not TOTY worthy. Chubb, Taylor, Aaron Jones more deserving. In terms of Glennon, just reason he was even beginning is because they had been actively trying to lose. Minshew had 2200 yards and a 16-5 td ratio and a 96 passer rating, they had Lawrence in their own landscapes, so why try to win?

JT has played an extremely well, concerns need to be made out of the lineup he runs behind (not that this is a knock on JT, he is going to have a very good NFL career) but Robinson has a significantly worse team line to function with.

Per PFF, Indianapolis gets the 7th rated O-Line from the league (ranked 3rd by Launch the Run) compared to Establish the Run ranking Jacksonville's O-Line as 19th best, and PFF position them 22nd.

Both are fairly similar stat-wise, Robinson gets the buy Mut 21 coins suggestion (for me) due to his status as an UDFA and still having the season he did.I might have moved back and revised my LG positions, definitely had a down year for him but still plays just like Mmoexp Madden 21 coins one of the best LG's at the league despite the actuality. Elgton nevertheless frees him marginally -'d love for him to get a card.