Now I understand you already have Dragon Legs and RuneScape gold you are aiming to get a fighter chest so what I'd recommend that you do is to keep those as your main armour, but possess a Guthan's set with you to utilize it's special attack for a healing mechanism. This way your primary armour set will be non-degradable and offensive friendly (torso provides strength bonus unlike barrows). Also remember that aside from Dharok's and Verac's in some situations, other Barrows collections (such as the weapon) are unworthy.

So the best 3 choices for you in my view: 1. Verac's skirt/Dragon Legs with Fighter chest and Abyssal Whip/Dragon Defender (you can have a Guthan's set to cure you in addition to this). 2. Torag's Plate and Legs along with Whip and Defender. This provides high protection but for most situations it is almost redundant as you do not get hit much . 3. Verac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The full set may be used for specific activities such as Kalphite queen and barrows or PvP.

It truly is a group effort. You can be a fantastic keyer but with no equally excellent group it's useless. You can do like 5:5 larges with at least 2-3 good people including yourself. That scenario would be somebody rage quitted or is just kind of leeching/not doing considerably. I think having certain items helps a lot too. Such as the Shadow Silk Hooded. Not only for you but for your entire team. Because only 1 person not having it could slow down a dungeon if you are attempting to do like a lever area however, the Skeletons continue on attacking an Non Hooded one.

I would possibly also work in your stats. Not just combat but abilities as well. Because time is wasted when a keyer opens a doorway and sees maybe that you have to prune vines but you don't have the level necessary so you have to call 1 someone to come do this doorway. Sometimes they overlook a knife. So that saves time also. I mean mainly for Strength/Defence. Only Strength for the force bar door or some other rooms which need that skill. Then Defence so that you may wear better armuor/tank more creatures.

You also need to know it takes time to get proficient at this, and every dungeon is different so that it requires different methods of going about it. With the new update I think it may even be simpler than before. Since if you can discover a hooded 125+ team w/ 90+ Dungeoneering that is doing occult floors then that helps. Before you'd have to settle with whoever was doing say flooring 38. Just because that buy RS gold was the only one you had left.