Here's why this could be controversial

Three brand new WNBA-focused game modes are coming to 2K21 MT as the game rereleases for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X on Nov. 10 and 12 respectively, sport developer Visual Concepts announced on Thursday. The modes comprise The W, a new WNBA version of MyPlayer, the favorite NBA 2K mode where players create their own athlete and perform their livelihood; The W Online, where players can take that character on line and compete in 3v3 games, similar to Pro-Am or Park manners of the past; and MyWNBA, a league simulator that lets you command all 12 WNBA franchises or select ones throughout multiple seasons.

The additions are the newest WNBA integration into the NBA 2K franchise, which will be one of the most popular sports simulator titles on the planet. Visual Concepts introduced the WNBA teams in NBA 2K19 and then enlarged them further in NBA 2K20. NBA 2K21 was initially released in September before the conclusion of this 2019-20 NBA season, due to Injuries involving the coronavirus pandemic. In a normal season program, the game generally comes out after free service and the NBA draft using new player additions and roster changes. The Xbox collection X is set to release on Nov. 10, while the PlayStation 5 will probably come out on Nov. 12. This generation of consoles including new high-fidelity images, which were exhibited with NBA 2K21 and a participant model of New Orleans Pelicans forwards Zion Williamson in a PlayStation 5 showcase. Back in NBA 2K20, the addition was enlarged, and in NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles, it's going to get bigger. For the first time in NBA 2K history, players will be able to create female MyPlayers, compete online with them, and run an authentic WNBA franchise style. The capacity to produce a female MyPlayer has been one of the more requested features amongst the 2k21 mt for sale community--especially from the ladies who play the sport and have lobbied for a way to create themselves in 2K.